Advantages of Battery Powered Devices and Vehicles

Battery powered vehicles and equipment can be charged by the sun making them pollution free. You can avoid using earth damaging petroleum products by installing solar panels, from just a few to charge the smaller equipment to several to charge your vehicles.

Battery powered devices produce no polluting exhaust and do not leave you smelling like gas and exhaust after using them. You will be able to stop making numerous trips to the gas station. The price of gas will be of no concern to you. Battery powered devices are always “full” at the start of your day and if needed can be recharged in a few hours. They always run no matter when they were last used. Cold or hot weather only slightly affect the range or EVs.

Battery powered devices and vehicles are much quieter than internal combustion engine (ICE) powered devices.

There are not belts, pulleys or other high failure items on these devices.

EVs have none of the following costly items:

engines, transmissions, exhaust systems, pollution control devices, ignition systems, fuel systems, oil changes, etc.

The cost to fuel electric vehicles is about ¼ the cost of fueling ICE vehicles. Plus, EVs have much lower maintenance costs. Some EVs have advanced collision avoidance systems, sophisticated cruise control systems, and self-driving systems. Todays EVs are not golf carts. They can accelerate from 0-60 in under 5 seconds with a top speed of over 140 MPH. Some can travel over 300 miles on a charge and charge at a rate of over 1000 miles per hour which means you can gain about 150 miles in 10 minutes. There are thousands of charging stations around the country. Most EVs can be charged anywhere there is electricity.